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Fire Crews Work To Prevent Fires Ahead Of Red Flag Weekend

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A brush fire sparked in Fairfield caused the evacuation of 50 homes Friday afternoon.

This comes as parts of Northern California faces a red flag weekend and fire departments all around this area prep for fire season.

A four-alarm vegetation and brush fire in Fairfield fueled by high winds and rocky terrain forced the evacuation of 50 homes.

"It was a precaution because of the prevailing winds and we wanted to do it sooner rather than later," said Sgt. Matt Bloesch from Fairfield Police.

With staffing upped for a red flag weekend, the fire was under control in a couple of hours. But it had the whole area on alert.

In Folsom, crews worked to prevent a fast-spreading grass fire.

"We all watch out for each other," said 84-year-old Lucille Chabot.

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Chabot and her neighbor have been worried about a potential fire on the hillside below their retirement community ever since the deadly fire in Paradise.

"You always get nervous when you see something like that," Chabot said.

She was glad to see fire crews doing a controlled burn Friday.

"The goal is to lessen the fuel loads so if there were s fire back here with less fuel loads it gives us tome to come back here and extinguish the fire," said Folsom Fire Chief Ken Cusano.

Cusano says prison crews cleared brush and debris earlier this year and put it in piles to prepare for what they are doing now.

"It's great practice -the guys love coming out and using the drip torches and equipment that we would use on some of the bigger fires," Cusano said.

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They monitor for wind speed and temperature as a safety precaution.

"We are trying to beat those winds as long as it stays under 15 mph we are going to be good to get this taken care of," said Cusano.

Chabot and her neighbors watched the firefighters work, grateful for their hard work and what comes next.

"We are supposed to be getting goats. We are excited about that because they get everything they (firefighters) can't get," she said.

Goats are great when there is rough terrain and underbrush, just another way to protect against wildfires.

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