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Fairfield First Responders Helping Fight Coronavirus Surge In Southern California

FAIRFIELD (CBS13) — A group of Fairfield first responders took their fight against coronavirus on the road, traveling south to hard-hit Los Angeles County to help manage its overwhelmed hospitals.

Their sense of duty comes at a critical time.

Fairfield firefighter-paramedic Blake Dombrowski is one of three from his department to volunteer with Cal OES and head south. He spoke with CBS13 Monday over video chat, showing the somber worksite.

"We were walking out after our shift the other night and we heard someone FaceTiming one of their loved ones who was about to pass and that really hits home," Dombrowski said.

The Solano County first responders are using their skills to help coronavirus patients at Mission Community Hospital in Los Angeles County where health officials say a coronavirus patient is dying every eight minutes.

"They're fatigued. The doctors, nursing staff, ER techs, you can tell they're tired. They're working long hours, multiple days on end," Dombrowski said. "I wanted to give back."

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Giving back means long hours working alongside hospital staff in the ER. Dombrowski said they are helping start IVs, drawing blood, performing EKGs and 12-lead electrocardiograms.

That work is happening in an extension of the emergency room outdoors in two designated COVID tents. While Dombrowski says the hospital is at capacity, he's humbled by the opportunity to help and hopefully get an upper hand in the fight against this deadly disease.

"Anything we can do to kind of help take the burden off them is definitely rewarding," Dombrowski said.

The Fairfield team is scheduled to be in LA County for two weeks.

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