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'I Feel Violated': Sacramento Police Investigate East Sacramento Home Burglary

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) -- An East Sacramento woman said she feels "violated" after her home was burglarized.

The list of items stolen, she said, is "bizarre" and includes her medical bag for work, energy drinks in her fridge, her phone and computer. The person the woman believes could be responsible, or at the very least, have information to share with authorities, was caught on the woman's Ring security camera setup at her front door.

"I would like this person found, so they don't do this to other people and they can answer to what they did," said the woman, who did not want to be identified. 

The woman said she is fearful the person, or people involved in the burglary may return and has since added an entirely new security system all around her home. She told CBS13 that she believes if it weren't for the Ring video she has now, she would not have any proof a crime was committed.

"I feel violated, I feel that person hurt me and took advantage of me and caused me a lot of pain," said the woman. 

In Ring security video, shared with CBS13, a person is recorded as they walk up to the front door. In a short clip of the incident, the person is heard through the security video speaking to someone else. The woman, who reported the burglary to Sacramento Police, said she was unconscious inside the home at the same time, but doesn't know how she got that way.

One of her neighbors in the East Sacramento neighborhood said she is on edge about the crime and is on watch for

In a statement from the Sacramento Police Department, the department confirms they responded to the home in East Sacramento.

"Officers obtained evidence, CSI responded to document and process the scene. The investigation is active. No further information is available at this time."

A Sacramento police spokesperson confirmed to CBS13 that there have been no other similar reports in the area and detectives are actively working the case to determine what, if any, criminal violations occurred.

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