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Dog walks could lead humans to the emergency room

Dog walks could lead humans to the emergency room
Dog walks could lead humans to the emergency room 01:39

Dogs often need a good walk to keep calm and get some exercise, but some of those dog walks are leading to emergency room visits for humans. 

Before you take your furry friend for a walk, here's a reminder to watch where you step because a lot of people are getting hurt. 

Pam Derozier learned that the hard way, and found out that walking the dog can turn into a painful experience. 

Deroizer said, "On the way back, I took a step and had a sharp pain, and took a few more steps and thought... what the heck?" 

There has been a four-fold increase in the number of emergency visits of people injured while walking their furry friend in the past decade. 

Some of the more common dog-walking injuries include fractured fingers, shoulder sprains, and brain injuries after a fall. 

Most people get hurt when the dog lunges and your body is relaxed. 

You can avoid injuries by not just staying alert for cars and bikers, but also what your dog is doing as you walk. Is he sniffing, chilling, and strolling, or is he in full-on squirrel mode, looking like he's ready to bolt and take you along with him? 

People who only take their dogs for walks on weekends or every once in a while are more likely to get hurt. A daily walk leads to a calmer dog.

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