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Davis High Stops Giving Baseline Concussion Tests

DAVIS (CBS13) — A high-school football program CBS13 highlighted for its head-injury prevention program has dropped the option for its athletes.

Concussion concerns have never been greater at the high school level, but Davis High has stopped giving baseline tests that would help diagnose concussions.

Justin Singh-Courtney took the baseline tests as a sophomore before he got a concussion. Those tests helped determine when his head injury had healed enough to get back on the field.

His mom says the test helped her son's medical evaluation.

"Being able to know that there was some kind of a test that was monitoring that if he got injured could tell what it would take to get back to where he was when he got started," Binnie Singh said.

Justin was cleared to play briefly, but persistent concussion-related symptoms forced him to quit his favorite game.

The free testing, in partnership with Play It Safe Concussion Care program ended abruptly before new athletic director Jeff Lorenson took over this year.

He says he wants it back .

"We definitely believe and support baseline testing and it's on us to get that program up and running," he said.

The studies have led to a new era in high-school football, preventing long-term damage from head injuries.

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