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Community Rallies To Bring Rancho Cordova Home Depot Kitty Back Home

RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) – A Rancho Cordova cat who made Home Depot his home got some extra love from customers and staff on Sunday. Timothy the cat, otherwise known as Happy Tails, went missing, but the community rallied to search for their feline friend.

"He's just so well known around here," one Home Depot employee said. "He's become such a staple in our daily routines."

About 16 years ago, Thomas adopted the Home Depot in Rancho Cordova, making the home improvement store his permanent home.

"He realized there was a bunch of people who would give him treats, a bunch of people who would give him pets, and he just made himself a little home here at the service desk and hangs out with our customers every day," the employee said.

Customers love him. And employees enjoy working alongside the furry feline.

"Every day we come into work, Thomas will generally hang out right by the door here," the employee said. "He greets us as we walk in, he says hi to the customers, he waits for his treats before he makes his way into the greenhouse."

That's why when Thomas went missing less than two weeks ago, the community rallied to search for their four-legged friend.

After days of wandering the neighborhood, and through the power of social media, what started off as awful news and a tailspin of emotions, ended with the Home Depot excitedly announcing Thomas the cat's return home.

"We got a call from Happy Tails Sanctuary three or four days ago and they let us know a community member dropped him off at the sanctuary, that they found him and that he was doing good. He was ready to come home," the employee said.

Thomas is now back at his happy place and of course, back to his regularly scheduled kitty program.

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