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City Officials Not Sure How To Fix Months-long Leak On Roseville Road

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Taxpayer money has been flowing down the drain in Roseville, but city officials admit they don't know how to plug the leak.

The water is still running near the intersection of Sunrise Avenue and Coloma Way. A metal plate covers the water, but every time a car goes over it, it pops in the air. It continues to drain about half a block down the road before dumping into a drain.

"With the water crisis I want something done," said Roseville resident William Avila, who brought this to our attention. "Live right around the corner and walk down this road everyday and ain't nobody been here to find out about a water leak."

The city-owned pipe has been wasting water for months.

"My neighbors have asked what's going on and I'm kind of the neighborhood watch guy," he said.

City spokesman Brian Jacobson admits it's a busted pipe they've known about for months.

"We are out there trying to take care of it," he said. "It's almost like finding needle in a haystack."

They see the water, so why can't they find the leak?

"We've been out there searching. We've been using radar detection for several weeks but we haven't been able to locate the exact location of the leak," he said.

In a four-year drought that's far from over, city officials don't know how much water has been lost.

"We just need to know where we're digging before we start digging," he said.

The source is somewhere under the busy intersection along 200 feet of pipe. The city doesn't have a timeline for when it will be fixed.

"City should be held responsible for something like this. I pay my taxes, road taxes and all that and something should be done," Avila said.

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