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Christie Wilson's Killer, Mario Garica, Dies In Prison After Illness

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A notorious Sacramento-area killer has died behind bars.

Mario Garcia, who was convicted of killing Christie Wilson in 2005, died of pneumonia on Christmas Eve. Garcia did finally confess to the murder and his family recently revealed where he buried Wilson in Placer County.

On Wednesday, Wilson's mother, Debbie Boyd, told CBS13 her family is at "tremendous peace."

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Wilson went missing after meeting Garcia during a night of gambling at Thunder Valley Casino back in October of 2005. Garcia was later convicted of taking Wilson somewhere, killing her, then dumping the body.

Christy Wilson's convicted killer Mario Garcia.

The case made history as it was the first time Placer County prosecutors were able to convict someone in a murder case where no body was found.

Extensive searches had been done throughout Placer and Nevada counties to try and find Wilson's remains. In August, detectives started another search of Garcia's former 4.5-acre residence in Auburn.

Skeletal remains were soon discovered in one of these areas of interest, the Placer County Sheriff's Office says. After examination of dental records by the Placer County Morgue, the remains were confirmed to be that of Wilson.

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