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Carly Rae Jepsen On Writing A Song Of The Year

She's got one of the biggest songs of 2012 and now she's got two GRAMMY nominations. When Carly Rae Jepsen was interviewed backstage at Chicago's B96 Pepsi Jingle Bash on Sunday, December 16, she revealed the moment she knew "Call Me Maybe" was more than your average pop song.

"I wrote it with two of my best friends, Josh Ramsay and Tavish Crowe," Jepsen explained. "The three of us, we'd written a few songs beforehand and we continued to write after together."

Carly said the process of writing a song is always exciting.

"You never really know which song is going to take off and connect with people," she admitted. "The first time I realized 'Call Me Maybe' maybe had a little something to it was when I played it for my family. My aunt, who is a little bit of tomboy and never dances or anything, got off the couch and started gyrating. I was like…'Okay, it's a good sign.'"

Jepsen said she was thrilled with the nomination, even though she thought she'd been passed over.

"I was pretty blown away," she said. "Leading up to the GRAMMYs, the announcement I guess -- the week prior, I'd had a couple of people interview me and say, 'Are you expecting it?' I was like, 'No!' But then, the night before I got kind of hopeful...It was kind of hilarious, the way I found out. I actually looked on the wrong website. I went through the process of what it felt like to not get a nomination and then all of the sudden to discovered that I had [gotten] one. Two!"

But all her success isn't a weight, Jepsen said.

"I think I just feel grateful that this was the year of my life so far. I look at it as a good platform to keep making music, which is my favorite thing to do. No, I don't really feel the pressure [to replicate her hit single]. I look at it as more a great beginning, a great start. I just want to keep going and going."

-Danielle Clasing, B96/Chicago

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