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Car Crashes Into Home, Homeowners Say This Wasn't The First Time

SOUTH SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A car crashed into a South Sacramento home, and neighbors say it's something that's happened over and over.

Two people ended up in the hospital after a car crashed into a home on Valley Green Drive Thursday. The couple who lives there was not at home... this time.  They said the same thing happened years ago at the same spot.

It was about five years ago when the other car crashed into their home while they slept, taking out two bedrooms and a bathroom.

Other neighbors a couple hundred feet down the road said the same thing happened to them about 12 years ago. They said people often speed down the road.

Neighbors want the city to do more to force cars to slow down.

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"They don't seem to understand that they need to put lights or speed bumps or something in there," one said.

To get speed humps on a street, at least 10 neighbors need to sign a petition. Then, the city checks to see if the street qualifies. A street must be at least 750 feet long with no four-way intersections. The city must also confirm cars regularly speed on the street.

The son-in-law of the couple who lives in the home where the crash happened said neighbors did sign a petition but got only excuses from the city.

The city of Sacramento puts in, on average, 10 to 16 new speed bumps every year.

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