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Bone Fragment Thought To Be Unidentified Camp Fire Victim Linked To Known Person

PARADISE (CBS13) – Authorities are revising the number of Camp Fire victims after a further analysis.

A bone fragment once believed to be an unidentified victim of last year's wildfire has now instead been linked to a known Camp Fire victim.

Originally, anthropologists found a bone fragment with the remains of 74-year-old Paradise resident Robert Quinn that they believed belonged to a different person. They were led to believe it was a different victim as the bone fragment did not seem to fit with Quinn's remains.

However, a new analysis by Chico State's anthropologists found that the bone had shrunk due to the fire's extreme heat.

With that analysis, as well as circumstantial evidence, the bone is now believed to be Quinn's.

The number of Camp Fire victims has now been reduced from 86 to 85, and only one unknown victim remains.

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