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One Of The Biggest Caltrans Construction Projects Begins This Summer On I-5

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Get ready for one of the biggest road construction projects in California history. It's coming to the I-5 corridor in early July along with another project. These two projects will likely drive commuters to other routes, clogging residential roads and other corridors such as Highway 99.

Commuters like Jaime Sarte are already dreading a $382 million project along the I-5 corridor from the river to Elk Grove. It starts in early July.

"This is going to be like carmegeddon down in Southern California was," said Caltrans Spokesperson Dennis Katon.

Caltrans will be installing HOV lanes, resurfacing the road, and demolishing a pedestrian overpass near 43rd Street which is not ADA compliant. The project is expected to take four to six years.

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Keaton said traffic will be cut down to one to two lanes, one in each direction, to make room for the construction. That means traffic will be pushed into different areas.

The start of this project coincides with work on the I-80/I-5 interchange. Downtown commuters are already looking at other alternatives.

The one bright spot is for those who have eco-conscious vehicles, who will benefit from the HOV lanes.

"I drive a (Chevy) Volt. Long long term it could be a good thing for cars who use electric, or hybrid cars," said Sarte.

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