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Call Kurtis: I Tipped $9, The Restaurant Took $20 From My Bank Account

ELK GROVE (CBS13) — In business for just three months, Kobe Steak and Sushi in Elk Grove is facing hundreds of angry customers who say the tips they left just showed up on their credit and bank statements weeks after eating there.

"My wife questioned me if I've eaten their again," Matthew Begay said.

His tip showed up on his bank statement three weeks later and it was much more generous than the one he left.  Matthew's receipt shows he left $9, but $20 came out of his bank account.   He says the restaurant refused to credit the difference telling him to challenge the charge with his bank.

The Better Business Bureau's Gary Almond doesn't buy the fact a restaurant cannot help an overcharged customer.

"They have the ability to credit anything they want," he says.

When we stopped by the restaurant, manager Sai Teng could not explain why Begay was overcharged on his tip and brought up the transaction on the computer proving the $9 was entered correctly.  He blamed the hundreds of delayed tips on a computer error and the company that processes its credit card transactions.  He admitted managers have told angry customers to challenge the charges with their banks.

"We cannot do anything," he said.

"You can do something," Kurtis responded.  "You can pull the money out of your drawer and hand it to someone.  You can give them a gift certificate."

"I told them that," Sai responded.

Matthew says he wasn't told that.  The day of our visit, the restaurant assured us its credit card processor credited Matthew's bank card the $11 difference.  Matthew and his wife stopped by the restaurant Friday night and say Sai apologized before buying them both dinner.  The restaurant insists the problem was with its credit card processing company.  That company could not explain to CBS13 what happened.

The Better Business Bureau recommends you get a copy of your final transaction receipt, which includes the tip.  If you don't want to wait for that printout, it's a good idea to handwrite the tip on your copy and compare it with your bank or credit card statement.

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