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California Gun Law Changes Have Advocates Up in Arms

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Local gun rights advocates are fired up about the new gun control laws going into effect in California in January.

They are especially upset about new laws making bullet button rifles illegal -- and the new restrictions on ammunition.
Gun owners won't get any notifications once the gun laws go into effect over the next two years, but that's not the problem according to gun advocates.

"We are creating a false sense of security and you're turning good law abiding citizens into instant criminals," said Josh Deaser, owner of Just Guns in Sacramento.

"You're gonna have to have some form of a card or ID that you can purchase through the Department of Justice, you're gonna have to conduct a background check every time, and my employees are gonna have to be certified to sell ammunition," Deaser added.

The new regulation on ammunition has other gun rights advocates also feeling like criminals.

Sam Paredes is the executive director of Gun Owners of California. He buys up to 25,000 rounds of ammunition every year, and fears he'll become target for law enforcement.

But Assemblyman Kevin McCarty says the new laws will help shield the streets of Sacramento, from more gun violence.

"I don't really think there are any traps, there's not a 'gotcha' thing -- the magazines that hold more than 10 rounds are unlawful and we are asking for people to turn them into the authorities", said Assembly Member Kevin McCarty, who co-authored the ammunition bill.

Anyone caught with a magazine holding more than ten rounds of ammo would be arrested. Gun owners with bullet button rifles will have to register them or they could also face jail time.

Some citizens like Don Sherrill believe assault weapons should only belong on the war front.

"I'd like to see assault rifles eliminated entirely, it's not something our society needs."

Assault rifles with bullet buttons will be phased out starting in January.

The law that requires a background check to purchase ammunition will go into effect in 2018.

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