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Woman Says She Was Abducted, Bound, Gagged & Tied To Post In Rancho Cordova

RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) — Bound, gagged and tied to a post in a field. One woman says she was abducted Monday in Rancho Cordova.

Sheriff's deputies say they got a call about a woman walking around a neighborhood, saying she was abducted, tied up, and left behind a Rancho Cordova neighborhood.

"She has her hands bound with rope behind her back and she was gagged with a handkerchief," neighbor Steve Espernza said.

After watching a woman approach her begging for help, the person who called 911 was visibly shaken and did not want to share her name. She had no idea how a woman ended up in front of her home, tied up, and trembling.

"She came walking toward me and she's crying and saying 'Please help me. Help me,'" the witness said. "She has described that she was out in the field in the back and that she had been attached to a post and she managed to get free and made her way into the neighborhood here so that somebody could help her."

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Some say even though they saw the woman, they were too afraid to get involved, but one knew, she couldn't sit by, watching someone suffer.

"I have a young daughter and I can't imagine just ignoring her in the condition she was and I think your motherly instincts just kind of kick in and you do what you can to help," the witness said.

Deputies say the woman was not seriously injured and she did not need medical attention. She is cooperating with the investigation, but reportedly can't remember much about what happened.

Tuesday, the sheriff's office said - at this point in their investigation - they don't believe a crime occurred. Detectives say the woman's story kept changing, and investigators could not corroborate any of the information given to them.


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