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Audio: The Grant Napear Show - September 29, 2011

Today on The Grant Napear Show, Grant covered a variety of topics beginning with the final day of regular season baseball. Grant gave his thoughts on the Red Sox collapse, and Boston fans possibly blaming the Yankees for not playing all of their starters against Tampa Bay on the final game of the regular season. Grant took calls on the Red Sox and Rays, as well as the Raiders upcoming game against the Patriots and other NFL action this weekend. Grant also interviewed Charles Davis, Chris Landry, Howard Eskin and Scott Miller.

Charles Davis of NFL Network and Fox Sports came on with Grant today. They first talked about this weekend in college football, and the need for college athletes to discipline themselves. After that, they moved on to the Vikings and Chiefs game Sunday, which Charles will be calling on Fox. Then they talked about Darren McFadden and why he has improved over the last couple of seasons. Finally they discussed how football is transforming as a game on offense and defense.

Chris Landry of Fox Sports came on to talk football with Grant today. The first thing they talked about was the Raiders, and how the Raiders have improved. Chris then talked about the best defense in the NFL, and why that's tough to distinguish this season. Then they discussed the Cowboys and Lions game and what each team needs to do to win. After that they talked about the Falcons and why they're struggling this season, and why they can get better. Finally, Chris gave his most anticipated college football game of the weekend.

Howard Eskin from WIP in Philadelphia came on with Grant today to talk about the 49ers and Eagles upcoming game on Sunday. They first talked about the Eagles and if it will be panic time should they lose to the 49ers on Sunday. Grant and Howard then talked about the 49ers defense and whether or not they can stop the Eagles. Howard called the Eagles a stone cold lock to beat the 49ers this weekend. After that they talked about the Eagles defense and why they've struggled this season, and how they can turn it around. Finally, Howard and Grant finished up by talking about the Phillies chances in the postseason.

Scott Miller of was on with Grant today to talk about the wild finish to the MLB season. He first talked about the Rays and their incredible September comeback, and the big plays they made over the final couple of games of the season in order to make the playoffs. Next, Grant and Scott discussed the Rays lack of fan support and how they continue to be competitive year in and year out. Then they moved on to the Red Sox and what they need to do to get better next season. Finally Grant and Scott previewed both the MLB postseason.

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