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Are You Turtley Enough For The Turtle Club? Here's How To Adopt One

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Moving day came to the McKinley Park pond as several turtles were removed two weeks before it was set to be drained.

The work means the non-native turtles that have been there for years will have to find a new place to live, and never come back.

If you're in the market for a family pet that doesn't shed, bark or chew up your shoes, the Front Street Animal Shelter has some hard-shelled friends they hope you'll consider.

More than 100 turtles were relocated with a handful of nets, tanks and volunteers. The shelter was on hand to carefully remove them as the city prepares to empty, clean and rehabilitate the pond.

"The invasive species according to Fish and Wildlife have to be removed, cannot be returned," said volunteer Judy McClaver

Since the red-eared slider turtles aren't native to the pond, they're being brought to the animal shelter where a fresh shower and a little exfoliation brings some sweet satisfaction.

While a few have already been snapped up by aspiring local herpetologists, the time of transition is going swimmingly.

Those who are already on a turtle adoption list will be getting a call soon, and if you're interested in adopting a turtle, call (916) 264-5011.

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