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Toys On 2014 Worst List Could Cause Eye, Head Injuries

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A consumer group has come out with its list of "worst toys" for 2014, and we found some of them being sold in local stores.

"WATCH" stands for World Against Toys Causing Harm, and says parents need to be on alert about what they've found.

Take for instance, the "Cata Pencil."

"WATCH" says this pencil turned catapult could injure an eye.

A Firetek Bow we found at the Walmart in North Fayette is a "WATCH" concern because the group says it could also lead to an eye injury.

"WATCH" also gave thumbs down to the Tre Legends Orcs Battle Hammer, which we found at the Toys 'R Us in Robinson. The group claims it has the potential for blunt impact injuries.

"WATCH" says the Radio Flyer Ziggle poses a risk of potential forehead injuries and that despite a warning to wear a helmet; the kid in the packaging isn't wearing one.

You can see the complete list at:

For its part, the Toy Industry Association says, "Providing safe toys for children is the industry's highest priority. Assuring that all play is safe is a responsibility we share with parents and other caregivers."

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