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Sheetz's lowered gas prices aren't for every car

Sheetz's lowered gas prices aren't for every car
Sheetz's lowered gas prices aren't for every car 02:44

WEXFORD, Pa. (KDKA) - The national average for a gallon of gas has fallen for a second week in a row. One gas station chain is trying to ease the pain at the pump for drivers as they head into their holiday weekend.

According to AAA, gas is averaging around $4.89. In Pittsburgh, gas is averaging $4.98. 

Sheetz lowered its price for unleaded 88 gas to $3.99 a gallon through the Fourth of July holiday. What some people may not realize is that their cars can't take that kind of gasoline.

The Sheetz on Perry Highway in Wexford was bustling with people taking advantage of the deal.

"Any savings you can get right now, gotta take a chance at it," said Joe Ober of Ross.

Ober said he already filled up three of his cars since Sheetz lowered its price of fuel to $3.99 a gallon for unleaded 88 and $3.49 a gallon for E85. However, some people say they can't get either deal. John Urso of Wexford says his Chevy Malibu just takes regular unleaded 87.

"It would be nice if they expanded it to all of their gas," said Urso.

It's something experts say drivers need to pay extra attention to when they're filling up at the pump.

"You want to make sure what you're putting into your vehicle is what the manufacturer recommends you put in," said AAA East Central Spokesperson Jim Garrity.

AAA also suggests double checking that the pricing on the sign matches what's on the pump.

"Make sure whatever you're buying at the pump is what was advertised and if not, it's worth going in to ask for clarification on what you should be paying," said Garrity.

Sheetz says unleaded 88 can be used in your vehicle if it's a 2001 or newer. E85 contains more ethanol and is designed for flexible fuel vehicles. Susan Senchak of Ross says she didn't even notice the deal at Sheetz until we told her about it.

"That's a pretty good ploy. I hate to say ploy, but that's a pretty good scheme they have there," said Senchak. "There's gonna be a lot of GetGos mad." 

A note for GetGo users: the Advantage Pay price doesn't show up at the pump until you use your Advantage Card.

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