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Man extinguishes fire with t-shirt after rogue firework sets PNC Park roof ablaze

Rogue firework causes PNC Park roof to catch fire
Rogue firework causes PNC Park roof to catch fire 02:51

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - When you go to a Pirates game and catch the fireworks show, you hope all goes smoothly. 

Saturday night, a guy watching from a boat didn't just see the fireworks but an actual fire on the roof of PNC Park. He caught it on camera and is now calling a quick-thinking technician a hero.

It was a sight to see for Ed Nuttall, bright orange flames shining from the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

"We noticed that there was a fire on the roof of PNC Park," Nuttall said. "It was pretty wild."

It all started after Saturday night's game ended, and the fireworks went off, not just any show, but Zambelli's 'Skyblast Fireworks Extravaganza.'

Nuttall came from Castle Shannon to watch the colors light up the sky from a boat on the water.

"It was done, everything was all done, just kind of waiting for boats to move so we could leave," Nuttall said.

Seconds later, he couldn't believe what he saw.

"The next thing you know, we see a guy running across the roof," Nuttall said.

That's when he took out his phone and started recording.

All the guy had was the shirt on his back, and in the video, you see him take his shirt off and use it to attack the flames.

"The first thought is, that t-shirt's not going to be enough to put a fire out, you know, but he did somehow; he managed to do it," Nuttall said.

Eventually, others came to help the guy clean up.

"He saved the day for them for sure," Nuttall said.

Nuttall credits this man for preventing the fire from getting out of hand.

"They owe this guy a raise. He went above and beyond," Nuttall said.

A spokesperson for the Pirates confirmed the incident to KDKA and released the following statement:

"It would appear that one of the pyrotechnics that was being launched from the roof managed to catch fire. One of the technicians on the roof took quick action to stamp out the flame with his shirt in the few seconds that it took to get a fire extinguisher to fully put out the small flame.

At no point in time were the fans nor employees in danger. We work with the fire marshal to ensure our shows are safe for fans to enjoy."

As for Nuttall, if he ever meets this mystery man, he can tell him he has a job waiting for him.

"A friend of mine's a Whitehall firefighter, and he said sign him up right away," Nuttall said.

No word on whether any repairs will need to be done.

KDKA reached out to Zambelli Fireworks, who put on the show, for comment but has not heard back.

KDKA also contacted the local electrical industry union, IBEW No. 5, but has yet to hear back.

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