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Rockslide Brings Massive Boulder Tumbling Near Route 28

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – There have been many landslides around the area caused by winter weather, and now PennDOT is trying to figure out how to clean up one big mess along Route 28.

A boulder is suspended just inches above the concrete.

"I'm told it's a four to five ton boulder, and fortunately our fence was designed to withstand rock falls of that nature and it worked perfectly," Steve Cowan from PennDOT says.

But that's just the beginning of the problem.

Up above, the cliff is dripping water, a critical ingredient to freezing, fracturing, and falling.

PennDOT not sure if another rock slide could occur.

There is no drop zone behind the fence, so PennDOT is trying to figure out how to get the mess cleaned up.

"That's the reason we want to address the situation as quickly as possible, so we can get that fence back to 100 percent," Cowan says.

PennDOT wants a contractor to work behind the barrier, but there's almost no maneuvering room.

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