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'I'll Be Thankful To Her For As Long As I Live': Nurse Helps Grandson Says Goodbye Via FaceTime As Grandfather Dies Of Coronavirus

NEW CASTLE, Pa. (KDKA) -- With help from a nurse, a grandson shared a final goodbye with his 88-year-old grandfather who died after testing positive for coronavirus.

Eugene Frank died Friday at UPMC Jameson after testing positive last week.

For the last decade, Joseph Hamed lived with and cared for his grandfather, also known as "Pop."

eugene frank
(Photo Credit: KDKA)

"He was just an unbelievably kind and wonderful person who lived his life the right way," Hamed exclusively KDKA's Jennifer Borrasso.

On March 25, Frank fell in the shower and was rushed to the ER at UPMC Jameson in New Castle.

Doctors admitted Frank because of pneumonia.

The next day, Hamed learned his grandfather tested positive for coronavirus.

At that point, he could not visit Frank.

"I wanted to visit him, but I was told I was not allowed to because it's obviously a contagious disease," Hamed said.

"You have a feeling of helplessness. ... It was completely and utterly heartbreaking," he added.

Hamed got to say one last goodbye thanks to a nurse, who used her cell phone to Facetime him.

"I got to say what I wanted to say, to him and tell him how much I love him and how much he meant to me," Hamed said.

Hamed said he is grateful for that last phone call and wishes he could thank the nurse.

"I wish I knew her name. I wish I could do something for her right now," he said.

"If I hadn't been able to have that conversation with him, I would have regretted that for the rest of my life," Hamed added. "I'll be thankful to her for as long as I live."

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