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Travelers prepare for long lines at Pittsburgh International Airport ahead of record-breaking Memorial Day Weekend travel

Pittsburgh International Airport sees long lines as holiday travel commences
Pittsburgh International Airport sees long lines as holiday travel commences 02:06

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Pittsburgh International Airport was packed ahead of the Memorial Day weekend with AAA predicting it to be one of the busiest in nearly two decades.

Joe Marko was ready to get away to California this holiday.

"Going to do some golfing with the friends, some fishing," Marko said. "It's called 'Graysylvania' for a reason, so I'm looking forward to getting some sun in the mid-70s for three days."

He was prepared for lengthy lines at Pittsburgh International.

According to AAA, this weekend is expected to be the most congested at airports since 2005, with more than three and a half million flying across the country. In Pittsburgh, early Friday morning, TSA wait times ran more than 20 minutes at worst.

However, Marko, being from Indiana, Pennsylvania, had a game plan for his travel.

"I stayed at the Hyatt last night. I've learned from experience to not drive an hour and 45 minutes through Pittsburgh to get here for the early flight," Marko said.

Jen McDonald of the North Hills did the same. She made sure to give herself time before flying to West Palm. Still, she was a little surprised by the crowds.

"I was kind of shocked when I came in and I kept on going to the back of the line. Didn't realize it would be this long," McDonald said.

It just took some patience, and deep breaths, to get to their final destinations.

"Go with the flow. It is what it is," McDonald said.

"Just trying to get through this line here, catch a cup of coffee, just put my butt on the plane for five hours and enjoy the rest of the weekend," Marko said.

Pittsburgh International opens alternate security checkpoints when lines are extra long during a holiday weekend to help move people through TSA more quickly. 

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