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New Road Project Will Help Minimize Traffic Jams With Real-Time Updates

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- How many times have you found out moments after you pass the last exit that there's an accident between you and the next chance you can get off the road.

There's nothing more frustrating than realizing you are committed to wait the duration of however long the road is closed.

So here comes a tool that may keep some drivers out of that trap on Route 28. It's called an Intelligent Transportation System and PennDOT spokesman Steve Cowan says it involves, "traffic cameras and overhead dynamic messaging signs."

Those are the large signs you already see along the Parkways North, East and West.

Eight cameras will be installed between Etna and Springdale and available to drivers before they leave home by logging onto PennDOT's website where Cowan says, "they can see real-time traffic as it's happening."

Cowan believes this may keep some folks far away when problems occur.

"If there is congestion or perhaps a crash or some sort of an issue, motorists may choose to take an alternate route based on that real-time information," he said.

The new dynamic messaging sign will be constructed at Route 910 giving drivers the option to exit there, or RIDC, or Fox Chapel before getting into the area that has become the chronic problem area near the Highland Park Bridge.

Danielle Jack of Kittanning says if she sees there's an accident ahead, "Hopefully I can get off and go the other way. But then there will probably be traffic going the other way too."

PennDOT's Cowan says detouring traffic could indeed clog the alternate routes but "If there is a crash that is going to be hours long for cleanup or reconstruction motorists need to have those options."

The construction work begins this week and will be done on the fringes of the road with minimal impact on the drivers on Route 28. Everything should be up and running by Thanksgiving.

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