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Mysterious Roadside Signs Asking About 'Barber School?' Intrigue Public

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- You're used to seeing political signs or ads on billboards, but some signs along local roads have people scratching their heads.

They simply ask this question: "Barber School?"

There's one before you enter the Squirrel Hill Tunnel along the Parkway East, at the Churchill exit, at one of the Monroeville exits, and at numerous other locations.

"I was wondering what that is? I don't know," asked one driver.

"I don't know who I would contact, like where am I going to go?" asked another.

A third told us: "It's a barber school for what? Like where do you call? Is the tree a barber school?"

There's no phone number or name of a school on the signs.

One person online asked: "Is this an art project?" Another wrote: "Wonder if it's a joke?"

And someone else is really curious, writing: "Are you asking if I want to attend barber school? Are you asking if we should have another barber school in Pitt? …This is driving me crazy, it keeps me up at night...."

A writer for "Your Beaver County" humorously approached the topic as though whoever is putting them up is looking for a barber school.

If you Google "barber school" and "Pittsburgh" you get as one of the responses: "Barber School of Pittsburgh" in the city's West End, and the director of operations says they want to thank whoever is putting up the signs.

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"Somebody put them up on the behalf of the school, and again, it was intended to let people know that there is a barber school," said Kelly Kolling, of Barber School of Pittsburgh.

And she says it's working because people are Googling "barber school" and finding them: "We actually do get students who have seen the sign and they did exactly that, they Googled it and they found our website and they end up enrolling."

The school also has a branch in Ambridge and is about to open a third location in Monroeville.

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