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Motorcyclist Critically Injured In West End Crash

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A motorcyclist suffered serious injuries in a collision with a pickup truck during rush hour Thursday morning near the West End Bridge.

The accident blocked outbound traffic along West Carson Street for hours while crews investigated at the scene. The road has since been reopened

The motorcycle ended up on its side, the metal tangled in the wheel of a white pickup truck. It was the scene of the accident along West Carson Street, near the West End Bridge, that left a man clinging to life.

"I don't believe he was wearing a helmet," said Sgt. Dan Connolly, of the Pittsburgh Police Collision Investigation Unit. "He did have massive head injuries. You guys saw the motorcycle and the truck, that's a hard hit."

The truck bed, which is held in place with four large bolts, lost two of them in crash because of the impact.

Pittsburgh police say the motorcycle slammed into the truck with such force that the driver went airborne.

"The driver was ejected into the rear bed of the Ford pickup truck," said Sgt. Connolly. "He was listed in critical condition and taken to AGH for treatment."

Meanwhile, traffic was backed up for miles while police took measurements and examined tire tracks.

As if early Thursday morning, police were not sure who was at fault, if speed of the motorcycle played a role or if the truck turned too quickly in front of bike.

"There were skid marks from the motorcycle," Sgt. Connolly added. "We were able to take those measurements and we'll be able to calculate a minimum speed from those."

Police say at this time they still need to complete the investigation. So far, no cause has been determined.

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