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More kittens and another mama cat rescued at Kennywood

Several kittens rescued at Kennywood
Several kittens rescued at Kennywood 02:32

WEST MIFFLIN, Pa. (KDKA) -- More kittens were found at Kennywood over the weekend. 

Rescue and Relax said it got word on Saturday that a ride in Kiddieland was closed because a kitten was under it. The rescue is pretty familiar with the park because last weekend, they were there to catch a mom and her babies

In a Facebook post, the rescue said local trapper Randi Krohmaly went back to the park to try to find the kitten and any others. The trapper eventually ended up catching a mama cat and three kittens. A fourth was left behind, but the rescue said they'd be back to get it the next morning.

KENNYWOOD KITTENS ROUND 2 🙀 Well we didn't expect this. We got word yesterday that a ride in Kiddieland at Kennywood...

Posted by Rescue and Relax on Sunday, May 26, 2024

"I play little sounds of mom noises and kitten noises, and they usually respond to that," Krohmaly said. "I know how to mimic it, so i can meow, and they'll be lured by my meow."

Rescue and Relax said it heard that there may be a black tomcat that sometimes roams the park, so their attention will turn to finding him and getting him fixed. 

"Kittens start being able to have babies themselves when they're only four months old, their gestation is only two months and they can have litters of up to 13 kittens at a time," Rescue and Relax founder Alysia Finger said. 

Last weekend, a kitten found near the exit of Kennywood led to the capture of another mom and her kittens. A total of 11 cats have been rescued at the park.

"As tempting as it may be to keep or give away a cute little kitten you find, it's always best for them to be reunited with their family. And usually there's more than one kitten and a mom in need of rescue. Many small rescues, including us, will work tirelessly to try to find the others so kittens can grow up with their mom and siblings," the rescue wrote in a Facebook post last Saturday.

And while the publicity from the first batch of Kennywood kittens brought in some donations, the rescue said it could still use wet food, dry food, kitten milk replacer and litter. 

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