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Family of kittens rescued at Kennywood Park

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WEST MIFFLIN, Pa. (KDKA) -- A litter of kittens along with their mother were rescued earlier this week at Kennywood Park. 

Earlier this week, the Rescue and Relax shelter from Edgewood shared a story about a kitten being found on the ramp to the parking lot.

After the kitten was found, a local trapper named Randi went back to the park to look for the kitten's mother and siblings and found another kitten!

A family of kittens was rescued at Kennywood Park earlier this week after one was found on the ramp to the parking lot.A shelter from Edgewood is now asking for donations to help raise them. Rescue and Relax / Facebook

With the second kitten having been found, Randi and another volunteer went back to keep searching and found several more siblings along with their mother! 

Now that all of the kittens from the litter have been found, the shelter is asking for anyone with connections to Kennywood to help get in touch with them and asked if the park might be willing to sponsor the cost to care for the cats in exchange for each kitten being named after something Kennywood related.

The shelter also thanked the park's staff and security for allowing them search the park after hours so that they could find all of the cats.

Anyone willing to help donate money or supplies to help care for the kittens can do so through the shelter's Facebook page.

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