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Investigation continues into shooting death of off-duty Oakdale officer Charles Stipetich in road rage incident

Investigation continues into shooting death of Charles Stipetich
Investigation continues into shooting death of Charles Stipetich 02:56

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The man accused of shooting and killing an off-duty Oakdale police officer in a fit of road rage has displayed that rage in the recent past, police said. 

Police investigators say Charles G. Stipetich was shot and killed Sunday by Kevin McSwiggen, who is still at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital recovering from the gunshot wound from the officer.

In April, McSwiggin was charged with aggravated assault after his arrest at the Pittsburgh Public Schools Board of Education. At the time, police say McSwiggen had been confrontational a half-dozen times, both at his child's school and at the board, culminating in his assault of the chief of school police. 

The chief had denied McSwiggen's demand to speak with Wayne Walters, the acting superintendent of PPS. 

His charges were downgraded to a misdemeanor, but according to an affidavit, he became enraged Sunday night when he believed a car driven by Stipetich cut him off on Route 28. 

Police have video from McSwiggen's dashboard camera saying he would exact revenge. He tailed the off-duty officer home, where investigators say he berated Stipetich and then fatally shot him. Police say Stipetich shot and wounded McSwiggen after he pointed his gun at the officer's father. 

County police have not commented outside of the affidavit of charges, but sources close to the investigation say it now appears McSwiggen was a person full of anger and ready to be set off at the slightest provocation. He had a licensed handgun and a permit to carry a concealed weapon, sources say.

The officer's grieving parents called his killing senseless.

"Lost my best friend, lost one of the best people you could possibly have for absolutely no reason," said the officer's father, Charles P. Stipetich.

"Someone had to take his life because they couldn't handle road rage or anything, they didn't know how to control themselves," said Deena Stipetich, the officer's mother.

Investigators say McSwiggen was shot in the left bicep and armpit. The wound is not life-threatening. He is currently under guard at UPMC Presbyterian and will be formally arraigned on criminal homicide charges when he is released and transported to the Allegheny County Jail. 

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