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Doctor explains how to stay cool for outdoor events in Pittsburgh this weekend

How to stay cool for outdoor events this weekend
How to stay cool for outdoor events this weekend 02:04

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — With several events going on around the Pittsburgh region this weekend, plenty of people will be outside.

In this hot weather, people outside need to take precautions to stay safe

"Drink water. That's what you've got to do pretty much. You've got to hydrate," Adam Proios of Florida said.

One of the easiest ways to keep yourself safe is to find shade. If you are looking for tickets to a Pirates game and want to stay out of the sun, the first base side is your best bet. The sun sets behind and casts more shade. 

In the sun, KDKA-TV found some seats hotter than 105 degrees.

"Just sitting in the sun, you can experience some of these heat-related injuries just as much," Dr. David Sarknas said.

Stage AE has moved its concerts inside to keep people out of the direct sunlight, humidity and heat. Doctors recommend listening to your body. If you need some inside time out of the sun, do so.

"If you start to hydrate after the cramps have started, you are behind the eight ball," Dr. Sarknas said.

As for taking part in any walks or runs, start hydrating well in advance.

"If it's a strenuous event where you will be playing ball or exercising, you should add some electrolyte drinks," Dr. Sarknas said.

For any event or activity you do this week, try to limit the alcohol. While it looks like a great weekend to enjoy a cold one, it won't take many to land you in the hospital.

"Alcohol will dehydrate you very quickly and you will progress to heat exhaustion, if not worse," Dr. Sarknas said.

Use your head and stay hydrated. Also, have plenty of sunscreen to protect yourself from sunburn.

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