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Hot stretch of weather continues today for the Pittsburgh area

KDKA-TV Morning Forecast (5/20)
KDKA-TV Morning Forecast (5/20) 02:59

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A hot stretch of weather is expected to continue today throughout the Pittsburgh area.

Any Alert Days Ahead? Wednesday is a First Alert Weather Day. Thursday probably will be a First Alert Weather Day, too

Aware: Sunrise happens at 6 a.m. today.  Tomorrow starts our annual 51 day stretch with sunrises before 6 a.m.  I have the next sunrise at or after 6 a.m. coming on July 10th.

Wednesday is now a First Alert Weather Day due to severe weather being possible. Thankfully we are going to be making a switch to a more 'classic' severe weather set-up for Wednesday.  This means the main risk will be with strong straight-line wind. 

Can we see a tornado or two spinning up?  Sure, but this isn't like the set-ups we saw over the past week and a half with a lot of sheer in the atmosphere.  Any tornadoes that develop on Wednesday would be on the edge of any downburst we see and will not last very long.  

KDKA Weather Center

There's been a lot that has been unusual with the stretch of tornadoes we have seen of late, with a big change being their high visibility.  That will not be the case with the storms swinging through on Wednesday with anything that develops being 'rain wrapped'.  

This means that you will not be able to 'see' the tornado or at least see anything it is picking up as it moves to the east.

Getting into today, highs today should hit the mid-80s.  Yesterday we hit 85° for the high in Pittsburgh.  

I have Pittsburgh hitting 86° for today's high. Morning temperatures have dipped to the 50s for most places.  

Temperatures will quickly soar after sunrise. I have noon temperatures right at 80 degrees.  I have us in the mid to low 70s by 10 a.m.

While not high, dew points are in the 50s this morning and will tick up to nearly 60 by midnight today. 

KDKA Weather Center

That may make it a little uncomfy for a lot of folks out there.


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