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Honda HR-V owners still waiting for reimbursement process for shattered rear windshields

Honda HR-V owners still waiting for reimbursement process to begin
Honda HR-V owners still waiting for reimbursement process to begin 02:36

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — An update on the exploding rear windows in one popular crossover vehicle.

KDKA Investigator Meghan Schiller first reported on the problem in December of last year, and now we're hearing from customers hoping to get reimbursed after paying their insurance deductibles to fix the problem.

This update impacts people who drive 2023 Honda HR-Vs. Honda recently said there's a defect in the rear window and it's causing explosive consequences. 

Last month, the company told customers to call a customer service line to begin the process for potential reimbursement. KDKA Investigates learned Wednesday the program is not yet up and running.

Last month, Honda admitted the sealer used to secure the rear glass may come in contact with heating elements of the defroster, leading to a hot spot and weakening of the glass over time.

Many people told KDKA-TV that they needed to file insurance claims and pay their deductibles to get their vehicles drivable again. 

Despite the fact Honda told KDKA Investigates it has a process to review requests for reimbursement through its customer service team (800-999-1009), several customers said they submitted information and were denied.

KDKA-TV reached back out to Honda and learned the campaign is still not up and running, but a spokesman said that will happen soon. 

When that happens, customers will get a letter from Honda with instructions for requesting reimbursement. 

KDKA Investigates checked in Wednesday with the attorney leading the class action lawsuit over this program. 

"The goal is to get people to make people whole," said Sergei Lemberg of Lemberg Law. "And there's a lot of people who have paid out of pocket, who have paid deductibles to get the problem fixed. There's a claim in many states of what's called diminution of value, the difference in value between the car thought you were buying and the car that you bought and the one you have, so there's a lot of claims out there."

Lemberg said Honda filed a motion to dismiss the case, "saying there's no defect and there's no problem." Lemberg opposed the motion and said they'll "see how it shakes out." 

If you're interested in joining the class action, more information is available here.

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