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WATCH: Red-Tailed Hawk Makes Flyby Swipes At Hays Bald Eagle Incubating Eggs

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - It was a defensive Saturday morning for the female in the Hays Bald Eagle nest.


Hays Eagles Red Tail Hawk harasses Hays Female 2021 03 13 10:44AM by PixCams on YouTube

As she was incubating three eggs, a red-tailed hawk made several close flyby swipes at the nest.

Part of the reason red-tailed hawks and bald eagles have these clashes is that they both find the hills in Hays to be desirable nesting territory, causing them to close over said territories.

Last year, red-tailed hawks were about to successfully nest in the same hillside.

You can watch the Hays Bald Eagle camera anytime on the KDKA website!

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