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Giant Eagle launches new "Deals for Days" program with lower prices on summer-related seasonal items

Giant Eagle launches "Deals for Days"
Giant Eagle launches "Deals for Days" 02:12

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Major retailers, including Giant Eagle, are rolling out new programs to cater to customers who are worried about inflation or struggling to make ends meet.

These days, the word, "expensive," comes to mind when Raequel Behanna of Cheswick is shopping at Giant Eagle in Fox Chapel because she's not just buying for one, but six people.

"We went from spending like $150 a week to probably $250 a week, somewhere around there, between basic necessities and food," Behanna said.

She, like others, is frustrated.

"We're not making more money," Behanna said.

It's why Giant Eagle and other stores are taking action to cut costs.

On Thursday, the local grocery chain kicked off a new seasonal pricing initiative called 'Deals for Days,' slashing prices of more than 1,000 items, during special time periods like the summer, Halloween, and the November and December holiday season. 

The company estimates that the summer program alone will help save customers an estimated $7.5 million over the next two months and says that they feel it's important to offer savings during a time when many are struggling with inflation and other financial worries with rising food costs.

"At Giant Eagle, we are committed to listening and responding to our customers, and right now, they are telling us that they need more ways to save on the products that matter most to them," said Brian Ferrier, Senior Vice President of Merchandising at Giant Eagle. "We're confident that we have created meaningful savings across the store, helping ease budgets and encourage those summer celebrations we all enjoy." 

To give some examples, you'll now find peppers for $2.99 down from $4.99, and Skippy Chunky Peanut Butter for $2.99 instead of $3.69.

Jannah Jablonowski is a spokesperson.

"We recognize that consumers really continue to be challenged with rising prices and inflation, and one of the places that we know we all feel it is when you checkout at the grocery store," Jablonowski said.

While inflation recently showed signs of easing this year, consumers' spending habits have changed.

"We all know that value is important more now than it ever has been before," Jablonowski said.

Jim Coen of Verona feels the same.

"People are looking for a break," Coen said.

It's a break that both he and Behanna appreciate.

"Any little bit helps," Behanna said.

Giant Eagle notes that the savings apply to items from national and its own brands. 

A full list of savings available through the Deals for Days program can be found online by entering your location to find what is being offered at your local store.

Other retailers lowering prices for the summer

Walgreens announced yesterday that it was lowering prices for the summer on more than 1,300 items.

Michaels, Target, and other stores have already announced plans to cater to inflation-weary customers and shoppers.

Amazon Fresh, the grocery store arm of Amazon, said on May 24 it's cutting prices on 4,000 items and customers will save up to 30% in-store and online. The price reductions will rotate every week between beverages, dairy, frozen food, meat and seafood, Amazon said. 

The pullback in spending by budget-conscious consumers is also affecting other industries, including fast food giant McDonald's and casual-dining chains such as IHOP and Applebee's. 

CBS News contributed to this report.

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