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Furry Tails: California Sheepdog Welcomes Record-Breaking Litter

A litter of puppies in California is not just stealing hearts, they're breaking records.

But Maremma Sheepdogs are not exactly house pets. Instead, they live as part of a sheep herd.

According to Animal Planet, Maremmas are "a dog that's adopted sheep as part of the pack… [and] drives away all intruders."

The puppies are raised right along with the sheep, according to Animal Planet.

"There's little human contact. The Maremma is as gentle as a lamb unless it feels threatened."

Well, the sheep herd at Napa Grass Farm in Napa, California, is about to gain 17 new members. According to KDKA sister station, KPIX in San Francisco, one of their Maremma Sheepdogs welcomed that many puppies earlier this month.

The dogs owners tell KPIX that six to eight puppies is the size of a normal litter, so when 3-year-old Stella welcomed 17, they were shocked.

"Seventeen is insane," John, the Napa Grass Farmer, said.

KPIX reports that Stella's 17 puppies have broken the record for the largest litter of puppies in the state of California. However, the Guinness World record for the largest litter ever is still intact at 24.

But with 17, it sounds like Stella is still going to have her paws full!

17 Puppies and all of them made it! See how we raise our other animals and join the farm: WWW.NAPAGRASSFARMER.COM

Posted by Napa Grass Farmers on Monday, February 1, 2016

Congrats to the happy family!


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