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Antwon Rose Shooting: Protests Resume In Downtown Pittsburgh

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Protests have resumed in Pittsburgh in response to the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Antwon Rose Jr., who was killed by an East Pittsburgh Police officer.

The group started gathering at Freedom Corner shortly before 7 a.m. Family members spoke briefly before the group started marching toward Downtown Pittsburgh.

From Centre Avenue, the protesters turned down Sixth Avenue, where they stopped at the intersection of Grant Street.

grant street protest
FILE PHOTO: Photo Credit: KDKA

The group blocked the intersection for about 10 minutes before continuing their march.

From there, the group stopped in front of the courthouse where they began chanting, "Steve Zappala has got to go." Around 8:30 a.m., the group resumed their march.

"Oh yeah. If he's not [scared], he should be because I mean, his time's up, 2019 is for reelection and I guarantee he won't be here," Nicky Jo Dawson said.

Next, the group blocked the entire intersection of Grant Street and the Boulevard of the Allies.

"I think they have the right to protest. I think it's a little bit extreme to stop everyone from getting to work, but I understand their point," Tammy Coen said.

Around 9 a.m., the group resumed marching down the Boulevard of the Allies before turning onto Wood Street.

"I'll be out here until -- as long as it takes and how many days it takes. I'm 73. Why not? You gotta get up every morning and do the right thing," Mel Packer said.

RAW VIDEO: Elected Officials Address Protesters:

Eventually, they made their way to the City-County Building, where several elected officials addressed the crowd.

"We support you absolutely to everyone who has been protesting," Allegheny County Controller Wagner said. "I know, as someone that grew up here and was elected here, that if it wasn't for your voice, justice might not be served. So, thank you and keep on doing it. You will continue to have our support."


Rep. Jake Wheatley Jr. said they are calling for charges to be filed against the officer.

"I'm appalled at what I saw on the video. We've already from our official capacity called for the DA to press charges on this individual," Wheatley said.

"No family should have to go through this. Not one," Rep. Ed Gainey said. "Today, we are asking that charges are brought forward against the officer."

Rose's family members had some strong words at the protest.

"The pain [the officer] has caused will never be healed," Carmen, a member of the Rose family, said. "Justice doesn't mean nothing until he's convicted."

Amy Wadas' Report:

Last week, Rose was shot and killed by East Pittsburgh Police Officer Michael Rosfeld while attempting to run away from a vehicle pulled over for a felony stop.

Since then, multiple protests have been held around the city.

One was held Saturday night on the South Side, and another happened Friday night in Downtown Pittsburgh and outside PNC Park. Other protests happened outside the East Pittsburgh police station, and a protest a day later shut down the Parkway East in Wilkinsburg for hours.

On Tuesday night, several dozen people gathered outside the Allegheny County 911 Center in Point Breeze. A few roads in the area were blocked, but the crowd was much smaller than other recent protests and rallies.

"All that's out here for these kids in some of these communities is trouble, and they just get in trouble," Autumn Perkins, a concerned mother, said. "They literally walk around all summer with nothing to do, absolutely nothing to do, and that's unacceptable when there's money flowing into these neighborhoods and into these communities and it's not being used for what it should be used for."


Timeline Of Events

According to police, officers initially responded to a shots fired called on Kirkpatrick Avenue in North Braddock. When they arrived, they found a 22-year-old man had been shot in the abdomen.

The shooter fired nine .40-caliber founds at the victim from a vehicle. The victim returned fire and struck the vehicle with multiple rounds.

Callers reported that a car was spotted fleeing the scene.

Police spotted what they believed was the same car on Grandview Avenue in East Pittsburgh a short time later. The car had bullet holes in the rear windows.

antwon rose
(Photo Source: STK, Embrace Life/Facebook)

While East Pittsburgh Police Officer Michael Rosfeld was detaining the driver, two passengers ran from the car, including Rose. The officer opened fire and Rose was struck by multiple rounds.

Police found two weapons inside the vehicle, but none on Rose's person.

Rosfeld has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the results of the investigation.

KDKA-TV previously learned that Rosfeld was only sworn in about 90 minutes before the fatal shooting, but he had been on duty in East Pittsburgh for three weeks and has been an officer elsewhere in the region since 2011.

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