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Cedar Point Closes Valravn Roller Coaster

SANDUSKY, Ohio (KDKA) -- Cedar Point has temporarily closed their Valravn roller coaster at the park after an incident Wednesday.

Cedar Point tells WKYC that a train on the Valravn roller coaster bumped into a parked train in the loading station.

"Guests in both trains were evaluated by the park's First Aid team and escorted safely off the ride," Cedar Point's Tony Clark tells WKYC.

Zack Binger posted on Twitter, "So I tried to go on the valravn when I felt a huge vibration and crash people were screaming, and people running out of line."

"Scary moment at Cedar Point," Robbie DiPaola says.

Cedar Point says that the Valravn is closed until further notice and the incident is under review.

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