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Carnegie Science Center, Other Museums Putting Safety Precautions In Place Ahead Of Reopenings

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- It's been a long three-plus months for the Carnegie Science Center. They have been busy cleaning, sanitizing and making changes before they allow visitors back inside.

This Friday, doors will re-open for members only, and then on Monday, the public can return.

Almost everywhere you turn inside the Science Center now, there are signs promoting safety. Wash your hands, cover your nose and mouth, but they have taken it one-step further by adding hand sanitizing stations as well.

KDKA got an inside look at the Carnegie Science Center before it reopens to the public.

"We're trying to maintain a safe environment for our staff and for visitors," said Carnegie Science Center Director Jason Brown.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

He says since the pandemic hit and it closed their facility down on March 14, they've had time to think and evaluate.

Not only will they be sticking to the CDC guidelines, such as wearing masks and maintaining social distancing, but they have made a few changes of their own.

"We have maximized our occupancy at only 25% of our building capacity, which is actually half of what is recommended and required by the state," Brown said.

They've also decided to lessen the amount of people in the theaters.

They have also decided to turn the Coronavirus pandemic into an educational experience. From the signs, to the barriers when visitors purchase their tickets.

"The great thing about those, they were designed by our staff and built in-house in our Fab Lab," Brown said.

For visitors, it may look and feel a little different, but the purpose and excitement inside is still there.

"I think this pandemic, has really shown how important science is, and I'm hoping there will be a re-ignition of delight and inspiration of science because of it," Brown added.

The "Mummies of the World: The Exhibition" has also been extended as the shut down cut into the time the exhibit was to be on display. They are accepting reservations through Sept. 21. For more information, visit their website here.

In addition to the Science Center, four other Carnegie Museums are re-opening their doors to the public as well.

  • Carnegie Museum of Art
  • Carnegie Museum of Natural History
  • Carnegie Science Center
  • Andy Warhol Museum

They will follow the same schedule as the Science Center, reopening to the public on Monday. All will have timed-ticketing.

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