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Average gas prices in Pennsylvania surpass $5/gallon for first time in history

Average price of gas in Pennsylvania reaches all-time high
Average price of gas in Pennsylvania reaches all-time high 01:58

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - A moment that was expected to happen but is still no easier to accept has arrived.

Today's average gas price in Pennsylvania is over $5/gallon.

While it can't really be called sticker shock because high gas prices have become the norm, seeing $5.09/gallon on McKnight Road is jarring.

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Experts say not to expect the prices to drop any time soon.

The state average jumped four cents overnight to $5.03, and the national average also jumped four cents, but that's not quite at $5 yet, hovering at $4.96.

As for here in Pittsburgh, those numbers jumped the highest at eight cents, putting regular gas at $4.99/gallon.

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An X-factor into the rising prices for the next few months will be hurricane season, with experts saying if an oil refinery gets hit along the coast, we could expect prices to get over $6 or even $7 a gallon in some places.

The question now is - when will it stop?

No one truly knows, with drivers still traveling during the summer months, experts say it could be "anything goes" for oil producers come next month.

Which means the question truly becomes, how high do gas prices have to go to make you stop driving altogether?

BREAKING: The average price for a gallon of gas in Pennsylvania has crossed the $5.00 mark for the first time in history, with average prices at $5.03 this morning.

Posted by KDKA-TV | CBS Pittsburgh on Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Some people are already trying to find different means of getting around. Ken Scholl owns a bike shop in West View. He said it's more than just the arrival of the summer months that's bringing people in. 

"Gas prices get a lot more people," he said. "They want to ride to work, save money on gas. We've been selling quite a few of the hybrid and comfort bikes. One lady up the street works in Oakland, drives it to work every day."

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