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Zeoli Show Log 2.24.15

2:59 The FCC is being pressed to release net neutrality rules.

3:02 George Zimmerman will not be charged with violating Trayvon Martin's civil rights.

3:04 Bob McDonald apologized for a video released showing him telling a veteran he served in the special forces, when he did not.

3:37 People complained on Twitter about being awoken by an Amber Alert.

3:49 ESPN has suspended Keith Olbermann for two weeks for tweets about Penn State.

3:52 The brine used to keep roads from getting icy during storms does serious damage to your car.

3:55 President Obama has vetoed a bill that would have approved the Keystone XL Pipeline.

4:01 Rich talks to former federal prosecutor Sydney Powell who says that federal prosecutors are out of control.

4:15 The 76ers mascot is coming under fire for not being a 76ers fan.

4:49 Eric Garner's daughter said Al Sharpton is only about the money.

4:53 A new study says early introduction to peanuts may prevent peanut allergies.

5:01 Governor Tom Wolf says Pennsylvania is suffering from low self esteem.

5:15 Rich talks to Fred Kellerman from Elements Cafe in Haddon Heights paid his customers for coming out in Saturday night's snow storm.

5:50 ISIS has abducted at least 70 Christians in Syria.

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