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Zeoli Show Log 09.25.15

3pm - The Pre-Pope Invasion Show Begins

3:15pm - Speaker John Boehner resigns

3:20pm - Plans for Pope Weekend

3:45pm - Has the Pope Security gone overboard?

4pm - Ask The Doctor: Hospitals warned about Malaria and Dengue, crowd management and more.

4:40pm - Stores raise their prices in time for Pope Francis visit. 

4:45pm - Rich spoke with Cathy Floyd, a visitor from Massachusetts for The World Meeting of Families.

5pm - John Boehner resigns from Congress. 

5:15pm - Hillary Clinton sits down with Lena Dunham.

5:20pm - The Donald Trump and Marco Rubio feud continues.

5:25pm - School District bans the game tag from public schools.

5:30pm - Rich spoke with Christine Flowers about her latest article, Pope Speaks to the Hearts.



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