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Warmer Weather Couldn't Get Here Soon Enough For Green Thumbs

By Robin Culverwell

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The weather's warming up- a bit and maybe not for long-and gardeners couldn't be happier to get outside and dig in the dirt.

The snow, the wind, the ice, has left gardeners with broken branches, layers of leaves, and a muddy mess in low-lying areas, but for those who love to toil in the soil it's fun waiting to be had.

Where to start? Morris Arboretum Executive Director Paul Meyer says clean up the debris and any broken branches then you can start planting some things right now.

"Cone flower, that's Echinacea, that's a summer blooming plant and also Rudbekia, black-eyed Susan."

Other ideas for early plantings include some lettuces, kale, and arugula and of course pansies.

Another of Meyer's favorite perennials are, "Lobelia cardinalis, it's a bright red flowering plant. It  has these long spikes of red flowers and it's very attractive to hummingbirds."

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