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Trump, Nutter War Of Words Continues After Billionaire Calls Mayor A 'Low Life'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- It was only a matter of time.

Donald Trump has responded to Mayor Nutter's comments about banning him from the city of Philadelphia and referring to him as an expletive.

Trump also responded to another user who had asked him, "did you hear the mayor nutter of philadelphias comments towards you?Ignorance"

Trump said, "Yes, he is a crude dope!"

Nutter called Trump's proposal to ban Muslims "flat-out ignorant" and said he is an a******.

"If I had the power, the only banning that would be done is that I would ban him from Philadelphia. We don't have any room for that kind of stupidity here."


And Nutter didn't back away from comments he made Tuesday.

"There is a fairly universal agreement with the veracity of that comment," he said.

And on Wednesday, he said this about the business mogul:


"Donald Trump has not yet figured out the difference between reality show t.v. ratings and the wild and inane things you can say in that context, and what it really takes to be a serious candidate."

Nutter said he could have chosen a different word to describe Trump, and that he already apologized to the clergy who were at yesterday's press conference.

He also said he's sure he'll hear from his mom, as well.

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