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3 On Your Side: Company Says They Will Haggle To Help Lower Your Cable Bill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- You might like your cable service, but you probably don't like haggling for a better rate.

Well the folks at Trim say they can help you avoid the hassle, but they'll just need information about your account.

"We call Comcast on behalf of you and we lower your bill for you," said Daniel Petkevich, co-founder of Trim.

They negotiate with other cable companies, too. You can keep the same plan while cashing in on savings.

"We save most people an average of 100 bucks over the course of year," said Petkevich.

"Anyone that's gonna talk to the cable company is fantastic cuz I hate calling them," said one man.

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Petkevich says Trim can also help you avoid wasting money on monthly subscriptions

"Let's say there's a video streaming service you signed up for a while back or a books on tape service that you're no longer using, we'll show you, 'Hey you're paying for this 10 bucks, 12 bucks whatever it is and if you want to cancel it,' we'll go ahead and do that for you,"  said Petkevich.

And that's not all. Amazon customers can save big with Trim. As long as you shop with a credit card offering price protection!

"What we figure out is what are all the things you bought on Amazon and then we,  every day,  check to see if prices on those things have decreased at all and if they have, we file all that paperwork and then in 20 or 30 days, you get a check in the mail," says Petkevich.

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Trim isn't alone. Several other companies promise to help cut costs too, including BillCutterz, BILLSHARK and BillFixers who negotiate lower phone and cable rates as well as security system and satellite radio bills. The claim they can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

Fees for the bill negotiation services run from about 25 percent to 50 percent of what they save you.

If they don't find savings, you are not charged.

To learn more about Trim, CLICK HERE.

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