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'A Tale Of 2 Cities': Police Investigating Drive-By Shooting That Injured 10 People At Trenton Bar

TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) – Ten people were injured after police say they were struck by a storm of gunfire outside of Ramoneros Liquor and Bar in Trenton. The shooting happened around 12:30 a.m. at the intersection of Brunswick Avenue and Middle Rose Street on Saturday.

Police are searching for at least two shooters who fired off more than 30 rounds and striking 10 people.

Ramoneros Liquor and Bar was lit up with bullets and shell casings. Ten people were shot in what police are calling a drive-by shooting that sent patrons and two suspects scrambling into the night.

"We don't have an actual motive," Trenton Police Director Sheilah Coley said. "According to some witnesses, before firing out of the car, the car kept laying on the horn, just kept beeping the horn because the traffic was backed up. We're not saying this is road rage and we're not saying this is retaliation. Because the truth of the matter is, we just don't know at this point."

#LIVE: Trenton Police hold press conference following Saturday morning's shooting that sent 10 people to the hospital. Details:

Posted by CBS Philly on Saturday, May 25, 2019

The Trenton Police Department believe over 30 shots were fired outside of the bar.

Eight people remain in the hospital with two in critical condition.

All of the victims are expected to survive, according to police.

"These are the things we are not going to tolerate any longer in Trenton," said Coley, who's been on the job for one month.

Community members like Lisa Austin-Granville, a local pastor, believe the shooting is symbolic of an area in central New Jersey in tatters.

"I'm feeling abandoned. I'm feeling like these children are abandoned," Austin-Granville said. "Why is it these killings keep going on and on? We keep having these wonderful speeches and enticing words, but what's really being done?"

Mayor Reed Gusciora says there have been four homicides in Trenton in 2019.

Despite what he described as growth in the city, there remains a divide.

"Trenton can be a tale of two cities where we're having economic progress," Gusciora said, "but we're having a lot of youth leading to gang and gun violence."

Violent crime in New Jersey's capital city is down, the mayor says, despite the admitted trouble perception.

"This should not be the tale of two cities," Gusciora said, "where we are working on economic issues and moving ahead on education and yet many young people don't feel safe on the streets."

It was last June when 17 people were shot at the Art All Night Festival. Investigators blamed the violence on a gang rivalry.

City leaders are once again theorizing the latest mass shooting stems from a gang conflict.

"We have to address the underlying issues of why somebody would pick up a gun and join a gang," Gusciora said. "They should be aware if they intend to do evil acts, we will go after them with the full extent of the law."

"Life doesn't mean anything," Steven Hammel, of Trenton, said. "They'll shoot someone for $5 around here."

Police say the vehicle in question is a dark-colored SUV.

At this point, police do not have any suspects.

The investigation remains ongoing.

CBS3's Crystal Cranmore, Joe Holden and Dan Koob contributed to this report.

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