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Susan G. Komen Philadelphia 3-Day, 60-Mile Walk Gets Underway

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Three days, 60 miles and hundreds of walkers on a journey to end breast cancer. Friday marked the first day of the Susan G. Komen Philadelphia 3-Day walk.

It was an emotional beginning for so many survivors and supporters.

The day started long before sunrise with hundreds of walkers getting their adrenaline pumping.

The walk is a 60-mile journey that comes with a relentless commitment to finding a cure for breast cancer.

"I'm a one-year survivor and I am a PIAA and USA referee for volleyball. I got all the girl that I referee their games to sign messages for me," Paulette Copeland Bolton said.

Bolton wears her inspiration on her pink tutu, with heartfelt messages that remind her she's not alone.

For some survivors and supporters, it's a maiden trek, while others have found lasting bonds over the years.

"We met randomly five years ago, two solo walkers showing up and supporting a great cause and we've walked 60 times five -- whatever that is -- miles together since," walker Ryan Dougherty said.

"And every year we can't wait to meet each other here to do the walk again," Valerie Waller said.

Finally, the walk began and there was no shortage of cheering squads along the route.

From the start at the Hilton Penn's Landing, the 20-mile walk each day winds its way around the city, finally ending at South 33rd Street on Sunday.

It's a walk certain to bring laughter, cheers and tears. For some, every mile is fueled by a very heartfelt and personal story.

"I've been able to reach out to other people that are going through similar situations, been able to mentor them to get them through their situations, so in a really weird way, it's a blessing that I got cancer because I'm able to help other people," survivor Liz Buscema said.

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