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Suit Filed Against Soda Tax; Mayor Kenney Blast Soda Industry

CITY HALL (CBS) -- Mayor Jim Kenney blasted the Soda Industry, on Thursday, for its legal challenge to Philadelphia's sweetened drink tax. The mayor was in New York, yesterday, when the suit was filed, and issued a statement, but he's back in town, and he minced no words.

The mayor used the same word as his statement to describe the suit-- repugnant.

"I think it's very repugnant that million-dollar companies would be exercising these legal rights to keep our young people in our communities from having a good education, a healthy school environment and great parks and rec centers, while they're selling their product to these same very people."

The plaintiffs and their lawyer have declined to comment on tape, but their suit charges the tax violates state and federal law. Kenney said it's not and he's confident the city will prevail.

"Our kids depend on it and if their pocketbooks are more important than these children, then they have to look in the mirror, I don't, because when I look in the mirror I feel pretty good."

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