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Rollins Says Phillies Should Have Reached Four World Series', Won Three

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- We'll never forget that special 2008 World Series Phillies season, but looking back, did the Phillies, who won five straight National League East titles from 2007 to 2011, underachieve?

Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins said on Wednesday, his only career regret is not winning more during that stretch of greatness.

"We should have been to the World Series four times and won at least three [of them], in my opinion," Rollins told Ike Reese and Glen Macnow on 94WIP. "But other than that, yes. Besides not winning more championships, I couldn't really ask for more over what's happened thus far."

Listen: Jimmy Rollins on the 94WIP Mike & Ike Show

Rollins famously proclaimed the Phillies as the "team to beat" in the National League East in 2007 and takes pride in being one of the catalysts of those great championship contending teams in Philadelphia.

"Hopefully when you mention the Phillies and the run we've had, I'm one of the guys you think of off-the-bat," Rollins said. "I was part of an organization that built something that became historic in the city."

The Phillies have not made the playoffs since the past two seasons and are currently 35-41, as the July 31st trade deadline looms. Rollins, as part of the 10-5 rule in baseball, has a full no-trade clause.

"I'm not volunteering to go anywhere. First and foremost, my priority is to win here and if that's not going to happen and Ruben [Amaro Jr.] says, 'No we're going into a complete different direction and we would like to make some moves, etc., etc.,' then that's something I would have to think about. I don't have to do anything which is the great part. But I don't necessarily want to start from ground zero."

Rollins, 35, has racked up three all-star appearances, four gold gloves, and a NL MVP award during his illustrious career. Rollins says he gives himself a good shot at one day being inducted into the Hall Of Fame.

"Honestly, I have a few more years and when the numbers are all put together I think I give myself a real good chance compared to guys that are in there. Is it important? Yes. It's important, I think, when you have the chance to do something or to be great, to go out there and try to achieve it."


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