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As pro-Palestinian protest at University of Pennsylvania stretches into 6th day, Gov. Shapiro weighs in

Pro-Palestinian protesters continue encampment on Penn's campus
Pro-Palestinian protesters continue encampment on Penn's campus 02:28

UPDATE: Penn protest camp enters 8th day; man charged with spraying "stink spray" on tents

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Pro-Palestinian protesters continue to encamp on the University of Pennsylvania's campus. Tuesday was the sixth day of the demonstration on College Green in the heart of the campus.

Dozens of pro-Palestinian demonstrators are calling for Penn leadership to disclose where endowment dollars are coming from and for the school to separate from companies advancing Israel's military efforts in Gaza. 

This group is a coalition made up of Penn students and faculty and groups unaffiliated with the university.

CBS News Philadelphia wanted to speak with students inside the encampment but was told they only speak with media during specific times. Students later said they intend to stay put and will have more to say on Wednesday.

Concerned staff, students and faculty at Penn said they plan to meet and deliver a signed petition to the university president Thursday calling for the encampment to be removed.

Protesters were told Friday by the university that they were trespassing and received official notice over the weekend.

A notice of trespass citing University of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia city codes posted near the Penn encampment.
CBS News Philadelphia

The university cited violations of both Penn and city codes. 

CBS News Philadelphia has repeatedly asked the university when they will enforce the notice of trespass and what consequences protesters could face. 

A recent statement from a university spokesperson states, in part: "We have clearly communicated to the protestors in the encampment that they are in violation of the University's policies and are checking IDs in accordance with Penn's Open Expression Guidelines."

The statement also said, "We have opened several student disciplinary cases through the Center for Community Standards, and they are currently proceeding in accordance with our process. Any faculty and staff violations will follow the relevant disciplinary processes. These actions, while unfortunate, are necessary."

Several Jewish students expressed their frustration but declined to be interviewed on camera.

A graduate student said they are afraid to speak out against the encampment out of fear of retaliation. Meanwhile, a sophomore said they want the university to enforce the notice of trespass.

Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro weighed in on the encampments across the state.

"I also think that while folks are peacefully protesting, and even if they have honest differences with the policy in the Middle East, those protests cannot be used as an excuse to spread antisemitism in our communities, or Islamophobia for that matter," he said. "I think universities have a responsibility to root that out to make sure that their rules are followed on campus and universities have a moral and a legal responsibility to keep their students free from discrimination and safe on campus."

The protest is one of many happening on college campuses around the country

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