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Prison Officials Ready To Welcome Kathleen Kane If Appeal Fails

EAGLEVILLE, Pa. (CBS) -- When Kathleen Kane does eventually settle into her new digs at the Montgomery County lock up, she'll be treated like any other inmate. She'll wear blues, as in a navy blue prison uniform.

Her new address will be 60 Eagleville Road, Eagleville, Pennsylvania. Breakfast comes at five. Lunch on Tuesday was chicken stir fry.

"We try to treat everybody equally," said Sean McGee, the deputy warden.

Insult To Injury: Kane Gets Slapped With Prison Time, Then Parking Ticket

County corrections officials sat down with Eyewitness News a day after Kane was sentenced to at least 10 months behind bars. She was here briefly last night, before her family could raise her $75,000 bond.

Kane will remain a free woman until her appeal efforts are exhausted. Meanwhile, there are more than 2,000 inmates at the prison. Some are awaiting trial. Others are serving sentences of less than two years. From statements made by Kane's legal team, it would be a sure bet the commonwealth's disgraced ex-attorney general would request placement in protective custody.

"If she so chooses to be in protective custody, we would act accordingly to her wishes," Marcy D'Orazio, an assistant warden, said. "Even if we deemed that she needed to be segregated, we would treat her like everyone else."

A full-work up is done on all inmates.

Charges, bail, prior offenses, drug and alcohol abuse are all factored in. Statements made on behalf of Kane suggested sending her to prison would be a death sentence. It's claimed her former office's work in breaking up heroin networks makes her target.

Prison officials didn't have much of a reaction to that, except to say: "Our goal is to make sure nothing happens that shouldn't happen," D'Orazio said.

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